Second day

Posted: 2/3/2017 10:22:13 PM

It seems like there is quite a lot of snow this time. I'm near the Ankara river and remember there was none when walked through here in 2010. I did few tries to break away from the shore but was always turned around by deep snow which makes the walking very hard. Much harder than if I stick to the ice road along the shore where I can walk on compacted snow from the passing cars. Well, the two or three that ride through here.

Did another 33 km today. I tried to make up for the late start today - I slept in till 10 - but the snow was more difficult then yesterday and I just run out of time. And I walked till almost eight by what time it was pitch dark. It usually takes an hour to set up the tent and another at least two and half to melt the water. I'm still and probably for the next week I will be learning all the tricks how to make everything as fast as possible. It gets quite cold when the sun sets so efficiency is crucial here :)

Well, I'm almost done with all the stuff I need to do, so I send this off and I will go to bed. Slept very well last night just still didn't adjust from the time change. Hopefully, I get an earlier start tomorrow.