Stay humble

Posted: 1/3/2017 8:20:13 PM

I have always had this mantra - it's all in your head, it's all in your head... I used it every time I felt tired, not motivated enough, etc. My other motto was - never give up. I used to say it to myself every time I failed to achieve something. I believed it will help me to get back on my feet and keep trying to get done whatever I was trying to do. It worked for some time but I almost begin to hate it. It just doesn't feel like the right attitude anymore. I'm sorry to get into this voodoo stuff but this is the first day of the trip and of course there is a lot of thinking about the "why" going on :)

Anyway, before I get to the "why" thing, I want to talk about what I say to myself now. It's - stay humble :) I know there is nothing I can be sure of here. Zero - nada. The weather can go bananas, I might choose a completely wrong path and end up in some rubbish ice fields which would slow me down to crawling, I might not be strong enough or healthy enough... So every time I suddenly feel strong or find out I did a good mileage during the last hour I say to myself - stay humble. Not bad but stay humble. There is still so much that can happen and it is necessary not to get overexcited.

And now to the "why" thing - I believe experience like this makes me a better person. The stuff I have to deal with here is so unique that I don't think I can find it anywhere else. So for me, it's like going to a lesson. I'm not super brave. I actually get scared quite a lot here. But by being here I have to force myself to overcome it or at least learn how to deal with it so that doesn't paralyse me :) Simple as that. Enough voodoo - time for bed.